Interning at Fern Homestead

As part of our mission to to help other people get started in, and be successful at, small farming, Fern Homestead will offer one annual internship to run for each calendar year. Interns will be paid $18-25 per hour, depending on experience, and expected to work 2-6 hours per week. College credit is not offered for this internship, nor is college enrollment required.

In addition to a variety of farm duties, the intern is expected to identify a farm-related research topic and make progress on that topic throughout the course of the 1 year term. There is an option to plan and implement a real world on-farm project with guidance and support from mentors at Fern Homestead.


  • Relevant farm experience, whether personal or professional.
  • A passion for sustainability, regenerative farming, or small scale food production.
  • A farm-related research interest you’d like guidance in pursuing.
  • Ability to commit to 2-6 hours per week of on-farm work.

Fern Homestead internship

Diane Wenslawski was our intern for 2023. She is a gardener and herbalist and aspiring homesteader. Her research was focused on hedges for farm use.

We are currently accepting new applications.