Farm Shares

Farm SharesYou’ve probably heard of a “CSA Share” (Community Supported Agriculture) and maybe even a herd share or meat share. The word “share” in this context is the system by which farmers sell their products directly to the public by making the customers part owners of the garden, flock, or herd. This system is often used by people who want to bypass regulations (like the prohibition against selling raw milk) or frameworks (like the capitalist perpetuation of wealth inequality). 

At Fern Homestead, we see no need to:

  • Put you in a position to needlessly pay a distributor to provide food you could receive directly
  • Put ourselves in a position that we must accept whatever price is offered to us
  • Burden the environment with unnecessary miles traveled and disposable packaging

Our projected farm products for next year include:

Garden fruits and veggies, culinary herbs, eggs, turkey, lamb, honey, goat milk, cheese, and pork. It’s estimated to provide approximately 60% of your diet (according to a mediterranean diet model) for about 9 months per year. 

Our 2024 farm shares are SOLD OUT.

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