About Us

Fern Homestead

Our Mission

  • To sustainably produce as much food as possible.
  • To provide for the local community.
  • To seek harmonious relationships with all with whom we interact.
  • Acknowledging that we have chosen small farming as a way to combat climate change, supply chain disruption and economic insecurity, we aim to help other people get started in, and be successful at, small farming.

Our Values

  • We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or GMOs.
  • We treat our animals as extensions of ourselves, in that they will eventually become part of us.
  • We recognize that our soil is of primary importance. From the health of the soil all health flows.
If you feel as passionate about sustainability, permaculture and ethical farming as we do, we invite you to reach out to us!


Fern Homestead owner and operator Tomi Laine Henry has had a lifelong passion for sustainability and self-sufficiency. As a descendent of Daniel Boone, as well as Oklahoma’s first “sooners” in the land run, Tomi has an innate thirst for frontiers of all kinds. Growing up in an industrial farming family, Tomi found herself wondering if there was a better way of doing things, and she hasn’t stopped wondering. 

Tomi’s version of modern homesteading is forward-thinking, tech-savvy and designed for both quality of life and efficiency in production. She began homesteading in 2013 and earned an A.S. in Sustainable Agriculture from SRJC in 2023.

Tomi Henry